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Review Wainman 12m Boss

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Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2011
Brand: Wainman Hawaii
Size: 12m
Type: SLE


12m SLE kite Rabbit serie

Designers goals

Being someone big is an honor, but it requires more. To be good and respected you need to have the right tools.The 12 gauge that shoots with the power of a 15 while rotating with the ease of a 9. It has the range of both, which is  important to run the show when you are a big guy. For many others, this was the goal of their existence which could never be accomplished. But BOSS was built to have that something and that is why he is who he is. 
Surely the first choice for larger  riders in light to medium wind conditions  and a great kite to have for everyone else who wants to have fun on light wind days. For the right person, it should still be considered a serious and solid  player when the wind gets stronger. A powerful 12m light wind machine. THE BOSS.

Where is the real fun? We all know it is catching air! No matter if you can already boost to 60 feet or you’re still working on jumping over surfboards. What matters is the feeling. The key is the feeling you are flying. Feel that BOSS attitude. Hold the edge, pop the kite and blaaaam! A good BOSS never lets you down. A true wakestyle bro.

Quick tuning
When the wind is lighter, the kite needs to move faster to generate more power. Both beginners and advanced riders appreciate this skill.  Instead of having a huge 15m kite that turns slowly and creates lots of drag, the powerful BOSS gains more lift by turning quickly, creating a beautiful pop. You’re walking on water while they’re kicking up dust, cause BOSS is a super stable, easy and fast kite.

Up wind 
No need to explain how important it is to  sail upwind when wind conditions are light at the spot. And if that can be done with only one hand on the bar, when others are losing all their energy to stay in the same place, then the word domination is the right way to describe BOSS`s behavior with the wind.

Direct and light barfeel
BOSS like all other Rabbits was designed to be steered with the direct feel of the bar that lets  the rider control the kite with great precision and instant reaction. In the air, BOSS feels very solid and stable which is the effect of his well engineered construction. All the above, plus light pressure on the bar, in both hooked and unhooked positions, makes this kite so sweet!

Power controle and Rabbit bar
BOSS is a powerful kite but its energy can be controlled very well and even shut down immediately when needed. Instant and quick depower is a great skill of this kite, and as soon as the rider lets go of the bar, traction of BOSS stops. BOSS, like all RABBITS, should be used with the original RABBIT BAR that was designed very precisely to match the characteristics of these kites. Together, they work precisely and provide a very wide range and depower without any complicated features. Pure simplicity that let’s you explore your limits with confidence.

Automatic relaunch
In order to provide maximum comfort and confidence, all RABBITS relaunch almost automatically.
Because of their round shape, when they fall in the water they have a tendency to land on their sides and travel to the edge of the window, relaunching with very little effort from the pilot. And in the event that the kite crashes and submerges the leading edge, a firm pull by the pilot on one of the back lines will turn RABBIT around where it will re-launch again, without swimming to it!

Rabbit tune up system
By their definition, RABBITS are all round wake style kites. But as every kite boarder has his own style, it is important to let him tune-up his kite to accommodate those unique preferences. Some riders prefer a bit firmer pressure on the bar, some need to have more vertical lift, some would appreciate downwind sailing more than hang time. Accomodating those differences would be very easy, with RABBIT TUNE-UP SYSTEM . Every rider can have full influence on how his RABBIT is going to act. These options are for the advanced rider, and the kite needs to be ridden first on the factory set-up for some time. After that every pilot  will be able to tune his own RABBIT for his needs as necessary.


Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2011
Brand: Wainman Hawaii
Size: 12m
Type: SLE
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 3
Colours: Various
Bar length: Depends on kite size
Line length: 24m
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: No
Oh shit handles: No

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