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Review Wainman Big mamma 2011

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Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2011
Brand: Wainman Hawaii
Size: 15m
Type: SLE


15 SLE kite Wainman Rabbit serie

Designers goals

Jonesin' for wind but there is barely a breeze. Suddenly you feel a slight stir. Not quite enough for your usual kites. No worries, you have someone in your gang that will take care of you in this light-wind challenge... enter BIG MAMA.  Grab her, pump her up, and ride her hard.
Like any true matriarch in a family, Big Mama may not be the fastest in the gang, but definitely has a lot of pull. This girl works it when there is hardly a breath of wind. Although she is the head of the Rabbit Gang, Big Mama bends to your will with her super-fast reaction time and smooth turns.   The perfect kite for lighter winds or bigger riders. She pulls like a truck and turns like a sports car.  Don't let the name fool you - Big Mama is a lightweight who can hold her own.  No matter what your riding style may be, mellow free riding or aggressive wake-style, she can handle it all.

Who says big girls can't dance? BIG MAMA time!

Where is the real fun? We all know it is catching air! No matter if you can already boost to 60 feet or you're still working on jumping over surfboards. What matters is the feeling. The key is the feeling you are flying. Feel that BIG MAMA attitude. Hold the edge, pop the kite and blaaaam! A good BIG MAMA never lets you down. A true wakestyle sister!

Quick turning
When the wind is lighter, the kite needs to move faster to generate more power. Both beginners and advanced riders appreciate this skill.  You're walking on water while they're kicking up dust; cause BIG MAMA is a super stable, easy and fast kite.

No need to explain how important it is to sail upwind when wind conditions are light at the spot. And if that can be done with only one hand on the bar, when others are losing all their energy to stay in the same place, then the word domination is the right way to describe BIG MAMA's behavior with the wind.

Direct and light barfeel
BIG MAMA like all other Rabbits was designed to be steered with the direct feel of the bar that lets  the rider control the kite with great precision and instant reaction. In the air, BIG MAMA feels very solid and stable which is the effect of her well-engineered construction. All the above, plus light pressure on the bar, in both hooked and unhooked positions makes this kite so sweet!

Power control
BIG MAMA is a powerful kite but its energy can be controlled very well and even shut down immediately when needed. Instant and quick depower is a great skill of this kite, and as soon as the rider lets go of the bar, traction of BIG MAMA stops. BIG MAMA, like all RABBITS, should be used with the original RABBIT BAR that was designed very precisely to match the characteristics of these kites. Together, they work precisely and provide a very wide range and depower without any complicated features. Pure simplicity that let's you explore your limits with confidence.

Launch system
In order to provide maximum comfort and confidence, all RABBITS re-launch almost automatically.
Because of their round shape, when they fall in the water they have a tendency to land on their sides and travel to the edge of the window, re-launching with very little effort from the pilot. And in the event that the kite crashes and submerges the leading edge, a firm pull by the pilot on one of the back lines will turn RABBIT around where it will re-launch again, without  swimming to it! RABBIT BAR is equipped with specially coated leader lines with relaunch balls on steering lines that make the process very fast and easy on the hands.



Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2011
Brand: Wainman Hawaii
Size: 15m
Type: SLE
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 3
Colours: Various
Line length: 24m
Bar length: Depends on kite size
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: No
Oh shit handles: No

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