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Review Zeeko Krush 2011

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Riding type: Freeride/New School
Year: 2011
Brand: Zeeko
Size: 07m, 09m, 12m
Type: SLE


Wave Freestyle c-shaped SLE kite

Designers goals

The KRUSH is a brand newfreestyle-Wave kite coming in addition to the well-known NOTUS kite.
This kite has all features to increase  your level in freestyle, wave and keep predictable flying characteristics,

In 2011, our objective in response to a specific freestyle and wave request, the R&D team launch a brand new range: the KRUSH.
The KRUSH is a new generation kite:
The C-shaped form is adapted to freestyle riding (unhooked manoeuvres and power tricks with the kite low)
A bridle WITHOUT PULLEYS that has been adjusted and re-enforced to permit a feeling in the waves of ultimate control through incomparable de-power.
When riding, the KRUSH delivers progressive control via the bar: allowing planing like the Notus whilst the characteristics of riding unhooked or in the waves make the difference.
The kite is more reactive and playfull, with very easy control (adjustable on the kite).
The kite response time to bar input is minimum and the kite remains stable throughout de-hooked manoeuvres.
These features make the kite slightly more technically demanding than the Notus, destined for established riders of intermediate/advanced ability, with an approach to refined freestyle and wave-riding.


The Zeeko bar is dedicated to 4-lines kites equipped with bridles. It can be used with big size kites or small kite sizes thanks to its quickly adjustable length.- Adjustable bar length: from 46cm to 54cm. One bar for all kite sizes- Bar suitable for all styles, from beginners to expert riders looking for a high value product.- Winders rounded for a better feel: winders built from carbon/fibreglass fabrics. A dedicated grip covers 50% of the winders. This grip protects your hands during radical tricks.- Elastic ropes hold the lines when rolled on the bar and prevents unexpected tangling.- Adjustment strap: reliability and easiness.- Color coded Lines and kookproof back/front line connections to prevent wrong connections.- Revolutionnary chicken loop: Thanks to a 3D moulded quick release, you can untwist the lines after a back loop. Moreover, this 3D piece enables to automatically orientate the chicken loop inside the bar hole. So the chicken loop is always facing you during unhooked tricks.These 2 features have never been available on the same bar. Finally, now the use of the suicide leash mode is safe.

Clip Zeeko Krush

Clip Bar


Riding type: Freeride/New School
Year: 2011
Brand: Zeeko
Size: 07m, 09m, 12m
Type: SLE
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 5
Colours: Various
Bar length: Depends on kite size
Line length: 24m
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Strap
Safety: Push
Swivel: n.a.
Variable bar length: Yes
Oh shit handles: Yes

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