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Riding type: Freeride/Wave
Year: 2012
Brand: Switch
Size: 05m, 07m, 09m, 12m
Type: SLE


Allround 3 strut SLE kite for waveriders and starters

Designers goals

The machine from ripping waves to teaching friends.


  • 3 strut delta kite optimized by Hawaiin wave crew but also suitable for the gringos and flat water cruisers
  • consistant power through the turns - hooked or unhooked
  • extreme upwind performance
  • smooth power on/off within arm's length
  • direct and immediate reaction to bar input
  • instant water relaunch and optimized for unhooked riding

Felix Pivec with Switch Method



Riding type: Freeride/Wave
Year: 2012
Brand: Switch
Size: 05m, 07m, 09m, 12m
Type: SLE
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 3
Colours: Various
Line length: 23m
Bar length: 45cm-55cm
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: Yes
Oh shit handles: Yes

There are 3 reviews on this product:

Switch Method 2011/2012 07m
Years of experience:
Personal page:
Water conditions:
flat, chop, small-waves  
Tested Wind Conditions:
From 14 knots up to 32
Number of test sessions:
Kite size:
Most remarkable characteristics:
kite feedback
up wind
kite relaunch
high end
Small rangeLarge range
low end
Small rangeLarge range
slack line steering
total depower
Some pressureTotal depower
bar pressure
HeavyLight - 11.04.2012 at 18:04 hour
Great kite for ripping waves, and very easy to setup. 
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Switch Method 2011/2012
Hendrik - 07.11.2011 at 19:39 hour
* Sorry for my bad english *

Here is my report on the switch method in 12 sqm.

Unboxing the kite

It's really not bad what's all there.
A great backpack with inside the kite, a decent pump, a 1st AidKit with all
kinds of repair stuff inside, and even the bar with leash has its own little
pocket .
All looks good!! Hats off to such an extent. This is not often see today.
Especially not at the price!

I was really excited seeing the kite .
The processing of individual sutures seems to me the highest quality and can
be compared very well with the renowned manufacturers.
It is situated at all stress zones reinforcements, the tip is properly
reinforced with Dacron, the trailing edge is very clean fabricated.
The cloth was doubled here and a "tread" is sewn. This showes an absolute
robust finish.

The the seam of the leading edge was reinforced in a proper way with a
seperate strip around the "normal" seam.

The middlestruts are sewn to the leading edge in a pretty ribust way. On the
strutends are lineblockers, to prevent lines getting tangled in the struts.
Surely belongs to the standard, but is definitely worth mentioning.

The kite has a one pump system, the valve is basically the same as from
Cabrinha, due to the larger diameter of the valve opening, you inflate the
kite in no time.
The connections from the bladder to the struts, make that the tlittle tubes
lie closely to the leading edge and the struts, so there is no line tangling

The balance of the kite comes from using only one pulley, which creates the
connection between the Frontline and backline. The pulley is mounted
directly on the leading edge and will be charged only minimally. The used
pully is again of high quality stainless steel.

The bar makes a very neat and clean appearance. The quick release works
perfectly even in a sandy state.
The system does not have a metal pin that might represent a danger for the
fingers and therefore in my opinion is absolutely mature and very safe.

The depower trim of the kite works over a cleat, and works very effectively.
The strap can be trimmed to a Velcro to fix the adjustable stopper on the
depowerloop, thus avoiding that the strap dangles through the area.
There is also a sliding stopper you can use or just and block it womewhere
on the depowerline, or leave it all the way up.
The bar has 2 swivels, one above the top of the adjuster and one above the
quick release. This will basically turn the front lines after a rotation by
This feature makes running your lines out easier, since only the back lines
need to be combed through.
The front lines can be easily built on. For as soon as tension is on the
ropes, it turns the lines into the right position by itself.
The swivel above the quikrelease, can be tightened or untigthened, this
will enable everyone to decide whether the swivel can turn light or heavy.
The lines are generally 20 m long. Supplied with 3m extensions that are
already connected to the 20 m lines.
The bar can be adjusted from 55 cm to 45 cm easely. The sizes of the bar are
perfect for every kite in the range.
The floaters on the steeringlines next to the bar, are relatively large
,which will keep the bar floating, and the grip of the bar is not slippery.
Triggering the method s QR works on a virtual fifth Line, it depowers the
kite, but still a little power remains . This pressure can ultimately be
taken out by the Flag-It leash. Pulling this line of the method depends only
on one front line and the kite will be powerless.

Now we come to the flight characteristics of the switch Methods:

The 12er has a really big wind range, due to the very low weight of the
kite, it is going incredibly early. At 10 knots I could ride it with my
freestyle fish and even get a moderate upwind angle.
And even the high end is very good. I have 85 kg and drove a 133-TT at 25
knots and I had the adujster still on full power. So it can handle some

The kite is absolutely stable in the sky and has a slightly higher bar
pressure but with a clear feedback to the kiter.
Gusts are taken pretty smooth and the kite moves wide into the wind window,
the depower works well and excel.
Going upwind the method shows t incredible performances. The thin leading
edge of the kite is at the far edge of the window and there still generates
a considerable pull. I've never used a kite that goes upwind as the method.

The relaunch works very fast and very typical delta effective with the pull
of a backline.
The kite turns with a neat constant pull/power . Likewise even if he is
flown asked. Thanks to its stability we need to focus not on the kite. He
flies like and always waits for the next pulse of the wave rider.
It can be used as a nice free ride kite too.
He has an extreme lift and a very pronounced hangtime. Really I was not
expecting that at all . But it is an absolute bonus and provides a lot of
fun on the water.
It generates even pop! However, after the jump, unfortunately, he builds a
little more power, making the grip more difficult for freestyle tricks. But
that isn't were the kite is designed for.
In kite loops it generates good pressure, but not overwhelmed.

All in all a really top notch kite, that has allround quality ,more than I
thought before.

Now we could again get the impression that a team rider only needs to write
so good. But there is also something that I did not like so much.
The depowerloop has a few flight hours since the first tear. The tear is in
my view a bit too high.
But after consultation with Switch a new high rope from Germany is
processed in the coming days, , which fixes the problem.

Hangloose, Hendrik 
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Switch Method 2011/2012
Joao Machado - 04.11.2011 at 13:44 hour

I am from Portugal and I buy this Switch Kite to have a big quiver (takoon 12m and Switch Kite 7m).

I was one of the firsts guys in Portugal to buy one Switch. Off course at the beggining we have some doubts but after talk with the Switch team I knew that everything will be fine (Thanks to Felix and Daniel).

After made the purchase it take only 3 days to receive the kite in my house :)
In that day i didn't have any wind, but off course i open and take some pictures :). The quality of the material is awsome, very simple the bar and works perfect.

In the beach:
I start to pump the kite and in less than 40 seconds the kite was full (usually i use 12m eh eh eh ). When attaching the lines i check that are inverted, this means the connection are inverted between direction lines and power lines ( it is a nice detail, in the beggining i was one of the rookies that attached badly the lines).
kite+bar come ready to fly, with the bar attached with the extension lines.

One very nice thing is in we can view the video library were you have all the configurations, and take all the doubts about your kite. I remember this now because they have for example, one video were teach how to add/take the extension lines from your bar.

In the air:
First idea: this bar is light (comparing with my takoon 12m). The speed of it is awsome, and have one particulary. When is flying in the edge of the window the positions is totally diferent from my takoon helping a lot for the upwind.
With this kite i can upwind like crazy.

Is very stable and i try to make a relaunch in the water to compare with my takoon pure that is excellent. 4 seconds and is in the air,they are very similar in this question.

In the water the kite is very smooth, and give you the change to enjoy the ride. Until now i love the kite.

For me now the switch kites are the best deal to do in the market, but this is my opinion. Try it and make your opinion.

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