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Review Switch Combat 2011/2012

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Riding type: Freeride/New School
Year: 2012
Brand: Switch
Size: 05m, 07m, 09m, 11m, 13m
Type: C-kite


C-shaped freestyle kite

Designers goals

Designated Pro C kite to win freestyle events


  • Huge pop and power launch
  • Extreme line tension release after pop for easy passes 
  • Huge power through turns for mega kiteloops
  • Superior upwind performance
  • Optimized C kite wind range
  • All sizes handle pass optimized
  • Bow style re-launch

Felix Pivec on a Switch Combat


Riding type: Freeride/New School
Year: 2012
Brand: Switch
Size: 05m, 07m, 09m, 11m, 13m
Type: C-kite
One pump: Yes
Bridles: No
Number of struts: 5
Colours: Various
Line length: 23m
Bar length: 45cm-55cm
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: Yes
Oh shit handles: Yes

There are 1 reviews on this product:

Switch Combat 2011/2012
Sean Buell - 03.11.2011 at 03:50 hour
Performance Highlights:
-Top quality unhooked riding, sitting at the very edge of the window without back-stalling
-Easiest C Kite I've ever relaunched, very comparable to Ozone's C4 (without the bridles)
-Fast turning due to wingtip battens, also a fair amount of bar pressure (you'll always know where the kite is)

On the Water:
The Combat is a serious Kite meant to throw huge passes on, and yet with it's fast loops and unmatched freestyle performance, it's still able to relaunch on a dime. The bar design is very simple and easy to use, and adjustments to fit any size in your quiver. I'm very confident to try new tricks, especially with the below-the-bar flag out system and 5th line set up.

Reality Check:
The Combat isn't going to yank you to the moon with those sent jumps, but it will aid you in learning those mobes and slims you've bee dreaming about. Also, old men beware, there is a fair amount of bar pressure when free riding.

Bottom line:
The Combat is ideal for intermediate to expert freestyle/wakestyle riders that want to push their limits, and with a price tag almost half the cost of the competing market.

-Sean Buell 
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11.06.2012 at 15:25 hour Steve
After riding the combat for less than 6 months I can say I'm done with Switch. The Combat is a nice feeling kite and I will continue to fly my 13 but, if anyone wants an 11 hit me up I'll make you a good deal. These kites have had nothing but issues. I've sunk about $200 into repairs after owning my combats for about 6 months and I've moved onto another brand. Been kiting since 2008 and never had issues with any other brand. Flown SlingShot, Flexi, Best, Cabrinha... Maybe Switch will learn how t
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