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Review Airush Lithium 2013

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Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2013
Brand: Airush
Size: 05m, 06m, 07m, 08m, 09m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m
Type: Delta
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All- terrain delta SLE kite

Designers goals

After winning numerous magazines tests and extremely positive feedback from our Airush customers, the 2013 Airush Lithium was going to be a challenge to make better. Staying as the front-runner in all-terrain kites, the Lithium is focused on being the do-all kite for the everyday rider. Due to its wing tip and strut positioning, the Lithium has a direct and agile feel through the turns, essential for wave and freeriding. The sweep of the Delta Hybrid design of the wingtips guarantees a hassle free and quick relaunch. The Lithium is ideal for riders looking to do a bit of everything, whether it’s your first day, cruising, freestyle or riding waves!

Kitedesigner tips

The Lithium is a pretty plug and play kite for all uses, all conditions and all riders. It excels in gusty conditions and is the best relaunching kite in our range. New for 2013 there is a Lighter bar pressure setting on the bridle attachment near the center of the leading edge. Use this for a lighter slightly different feel than the standard setting.

I would recommend as with most kites, If you ride with the bar relaxed 100-150mm (4″- 6″) away from your quick release (or chicken loop), you could probably tie an extra knot ABOVE the standard setting on the pigtail, this will give you faster turning and a bit more power.

On the other hand, If you ride with your bar fully sheeted in resting against your quick release (or chicken loop), you could probably tie an extra knot below the standard setting on the rear pigtail. This will help when unhooking also and reduce back stall when kiting in light winds.


smart bar 4 airushThe 2013 Smartbar 4 becomes the first and only bar on the market with four size options, fitting the smallest to the largest Airush kites. In addition to the 45-55cm push pin adjustment, the Smartbar 4 features an additional two sizes (52 and 62) of adjustment with the all-new PU rubber coated Airush bar ends. Maintaining its position as the definitive bar choice for all riders by integrating the industry-leading Brain Quick Release, the Smart Bar 4 remains simplistic yet highly intuitive. The 2013 Smartbar 4 is extremely tunable, safe and easy to use. Line combinations of 3/6/14m segments gives the rider more customization, allowing the Smartbar 4 to be flown on 24, 21, 18, 15, or 10m lines! Improvements include the new Low Y System, which integrates a single front-line flag out that ensures peace of mind and meets safety standards, while also increasing kite performance. Airush keeps the hardcore rider in mind with double PU coated line – the only choice for a durable sheeting line – which will give you years of usage. With these new additions to 2013, the Smartbar 4 is a truly smart package.


Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2013
Brand: Airush
Size: 05m, 06m, 07m, 08m, 09m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m
Type: Delta
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 4
Colours: Various
Line length: 10m-15m-18m-21m-24m
Bar length: 45cm-55cm or 52cm-62cm
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Strap
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: Yes
Oh shit handles: No

Kitereview Airush Lithium 10m

Kite designers goals

All- terrain delta SLE kite

Test conditions

Water: flat / chop

Windconditions: 14-22 knots


Airush has designed the Lithium for allround use. What's striking about the Lithium is its shape: a clearly defined delta shaped kite, which has its effect on the flight behaviour. The Lithium provides a lot of feedback through the steering lines, is easy to relaunch, has good sheet&go performance with a small turning circle around the middle strut of the kite.

The Lithium has ample stability in the lower sections of the wind window and a good drift for wave riders. Higher up in the window however, it has a slight tendency to tilt. By looking at the airflow behind the leading edge, you can see that the cloth becomes restless if the kite is fully depowered. Not a major issue, but definitely something to take into account for wave riders looking for gusty offshore winds.

The Lithium has great characteristics for beginning to slightly advanced riders and can be recommended for wave riders as well.


Kite stability

Unstable Stable

Total depower

Still pressure Total depower

total & long range of depower


Limited Wide

good low and high end

Kite re-launch

Difficult Easy




Gradual Explosive


Small range Large range

sheet and go

Glide phase

Short Long

great, easy sheet and power in the glide fase


Reaction to steering action

Slow Fast


Turning circle

Large radius Small radius

Steering with low line tension

Not so good Good

long depower range with good steering

Feedback at edge of wind window

Minimal Great

great with the good drift


Poor Good

great drift, the kite stay's stable on the edge of the windwindow.


Kiteposition in wind-window

Middle Edge

Going upwind

Hard Easy

good because of its power on the edge of the windwindow

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Airush Lithium 2013 10m
Riding style:
Years of experience:
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Water conditions:
Tested Wind Conditions:
From 16 knots up to 20
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Most remarkable characteristics:
kite feedback
glide phase
kite reaction
kite stability
bar pressure
HeavyLight - 25.08.2012 at 20:55 hour
The Lithium was easy to fly! That was my first impression. Little heavy on the bar but a good feedback. Kite 4 allrounders who like to jump. I liked the sheet & go on the bar, makes jumping a lot more fun! Great one to try for the weekend kitesurfers. Big range, easy control, great feedback and safe! 
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Replys to this review

16.11.2012 at 16:06 hour IJC
It's my first full year and learned how to ride with Cabrinha Switchblades and demoed the North Rebels - 011's and 013's (another great kite btw). My impression of the Lithium, well I bought one. I demoed a 10 meter Lithium and rode my newly purchased 9 meter. The winds were 15-20 mph in medium waves. I weigh 72 kg (158 lbs) and I had just enough wind on my North Crossride tt.

The Cab SB's are nice, no complaints, but the Lithium felt like perfect fitting glove - yes, it's so easy to f
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