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Review Flysurfer Viron 2014

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Riding type: Snowkite
Year: 2013
Brand: Flysurfer
Size: 02.5m, 04m, 06m
Type: Foil
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Safe and userfriendly Foil kite

Designer’s goals

The Viron is not just any kite, it defines a class of its own. Maximum safety, optimally user-friendly, simplest relaunch and unbelievable stability. We don’t know of another kite that combines all these features better.
The Viron is a kite for all beginners, kite schools, lightweights and gusty winds.


When it comes to relaunch, we set a new kiteboarding benchmark with the Viron. The Viron is the first kite to incorporate Auto-Relaunch. Even in low winds, when letting go of the bar, the kite skims automatically across the water and remains parked and ready at the edge of the window. With just a simple steering impulse, the Viron flies on. Furthermore we have built a special bridle into the kite that makes it practically impossible to get tangled on the water.

Easy and Simple Handling

The Viron delivers exactly the flight feeling you need for a safe entry into the sport. With all the functions and handling of a full-grown kitesurfing kite but with moderate power, the Viron is at home wherever maximum safety and reliability are required. With gentle bar pressure and progressive bar feedback. Bothersome, long steering paths are unknown to the Viron, you have access to the entire depower throw within an arms length.

The Viron is the result of our constant attempt to construct a kite resistant to all operating errors. Including endless hard landings on the water.

Safety Maximized

Together with the Viron, we introduce a new safety: The patented “Reefline-Safety”. When the kiter activates the quick release, the leading edge of the Viron immediately shrinks together, simultaneously the tips will lay against each other. The kite then blows out with a minimum of rest-pull and can be relaunched anytime, even by beginners.
But this is just one of the features that make the Viron an extraordinary safe kite. The enormous flight stability and a highly effective and directly-functioning depower give the pilot a safety cushion never before experienced. And just in case that isn’t enough, the Viron is equipped with a new safety release, dependable, quick and easy to operate.

Enormous Versatility

The Viron surpasses all boundaries. This is a kite that makes it possible for children to get started in the sport. It is the answer for cautious or nervous kiters re-entering the sport after an accident. The Viron is the storm kite for accomplished riders and at the same time, the kite that kiteschools have been wishfully waiting for. Stress-free fun, regardless of terrain and equipment. Whether on a mountainboard, with ice skates, in the waves, while snowkiting, with a mountain board or just on the beach.

All these features make the Viron what we set it out to be during the development:
“The simplest and safest kite on the market”


  • Safety Maximized
  • Easy and Simple Handling
  • Auto-Relaunch
  • Enormous Versatility


In action


Riding type: Snowkite
Year: 2013
Brand: Flysurfer
Size: 02.5m, 04m, 06m
Type: Foil
One pump: n.a.
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: n.a.
Colours: Various
Bar length: 42cm-48cm-55cm
Line length: 21m
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: No
Oh shit handles: Yes

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