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Riding type: Allround/Starters
Year: 2014
Brand: Best Kiteboarding
Size: 03.5m, 05.5m, 07.5m, 08.5m, 09.5m, 10.5m, 11.5m, 13.5m
Type: SLE
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Starters & allround kite

Designers goals (manufacturer text)

If you want the original freeride kite, refined through six generations with easy handling, surprising hang-time and great low end ability then look no further the Kahoona+ is here and it’s the perfect all rounder. The Kahoona+ doesn’t just offer a little bit more, it is packed with all the technology and design features that make BEST’s 2014 line-up stand out from the competition.

The Kahoona+ comes with our new high volume, low back pressure, Twist-Lock LE valve and EZ-Pump inflation system. So you can be on the water before your friends in less time and with less pumping. The Kahoona+ uses the same double Core RS canopy fabric as our GP, TS and Cabo kites. With twice as many reinforcement fibers as standard canopy cloths it’s so durable that we guarantee your Kahoona+ for life- when we say Bomb Proof Build, we really mean it.

The Delta platform of the Kahoona+ gives it auto-relaunch capability, when you combine this with its revised quad strut layout for unbeatable low end, downwind drift and rock solid stability and you’ll quickly see why the Kahoona+ is the perfect kite for attacking any riding style and progressing your riding. Revisions to the LE shape and profile have further smoothed the power delivery of the Kahoona+ helping to increase its sweet spot and all round appeal. Improved bridle layout and revised attachment locations have made the Kahoona+ lighter on the bar, easier turning and more responsive in all wind conditions.

Pair your new Kahoona+ with the 2014 RP-Bar and you’ll have a 6th generation freeride package that offers unbeatable safety and performance that you’ll never grow out of. If you’re a seasoned rider who demands the best and wants a proven freeride kite that can handle any conditions and tackle all riding styles then you need to pick up a new Kahoona+ and get ready to ride.

Wind range

wind range best kahoona+ 2014

Riding style

riding style best kahoona+ 2014


Best control bar 2014


Riding type: Allround/Starters
Year: 2014
Brand: Best Kiteboarding
Size: 03.5m, 05.5m, 07.5m, 08.5m, 09.5m, 10.5m, 11.5m, 13.5m
Type: SLE
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 4
Colours: Various
Line length: n.a.
Bar length: n.a.
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: No
Oh shit handles: No

There are 1 reviews on this product:

Best Kahoona + 2014 09.5m
Realwatersports team 
Riding style:
Years of experience:
Personal page:
Water conditions:
Tested Wind Conditions:
From 12 knots up to 16
Number of test sessions:
Kite size:
Most remarkable characteristics:
kite relaunch
kite stability
kite feedback
low end
Small rangeLarge range
high end
Small rangeLarge range - 19.08.2013 at 15:33 hour
What we like:
Because the Kahoona is aimed at beginner & intermediate riders, we put it through a really thorough relaunch test. The result? We're stoked to report that the Kahoona relaunches better than any other kite we've flown. It almost bounces off the water and straight back up into the air!

Aside from relaunch, the Kahoona is insanely stable in the air and has user-friendly low end power. We tested the 9.5m in lighter conditions and were amazed at how much power we had! We also really like the crispy kite material. BEST use the very fancy sounding "Double Core Ripstop" on all of their 2014 kites - the name doesn't mean much to us but the fact that BEST guarantee it for life is definitely a huge benefit!

For this version of the Kahoona, Best increased the bar pressure so a beginner could feel where the kite is in the wind window at all times.

What we don't like:
If you are a beginner rider and aren't confident with your edge control, the Kahoona is going to feel very powerful if you go out very overpowered. Luckily though, if you are intermediate or advanced in these conditions you are going to be able to control the power and boost to the moon!

The new inflation system worked well during our testing but not having a regular 9mm inflate valve (as a backup) is a pain. Although the new Best pump has the attachment - lots of pumps don't . They should have put a regular 9mm inflate valve on there too just in case.

Why you want the Best Kahoona + V6:
No one makes a kite for 6 years in a row unless it's a winner. 6 years of development and stoke equals one hell of a kite. A solid favorite in the REAL lesson center - the Kahoona is notorious for spreading the stoke and getting people out on the water. 
3 kudos - +

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