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Review Flysurfer Sonic2 2017

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Riding type: Freeride/Race
Year: 2017
Brand: Flysurfer
Size: 06m, 09m, 11m, 13m, 15m, 18m
Type: Foil
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Rider profile

Hydrofoil, airstyle & race

Designers goals (manufacturer text)

The SONIC2 embodies our vision of a modern, highly advanced racing wing. Each detail designed with performance in mind. Beautifully balanced and responsive turning, optimised lightweight construction and refined aerodynamics all come together to create a sublime riding experience.


  • Double Cordwise Ballooning

    Double Cordwise Ballooning minimises the creasing of the cells on the kite to an absolute minimum. With exactly calculated arc-shaped panel cuts and double-stitched and glued seams, a perfectly smooth, high performance airfoil is created. This optimizes the aerodynamics, especially the glide ratio and the low end of the kite.

  • Flat Winglet Technology

    The Flat Winglet technology reduces the induced aerodynamic drag, whilst at the same time increasing lift. This leads to a noticeable improvement in lift to glide ratio and forward flying speed of the kite. As well as constant pull while turning without wingtip collapse.

  • Maximum Pressure Valves

    The M.P.V in the center of the leading edge provides maximum air flow into the kite. The kite fills faster and accelerates even when fully depowered. A moving separator inside the valve transfers the airflow directly into the kite, regardless of angle of attack. Improved internal pressure means the kite is stiffer, more responsive and stable.

  • Lightweight Construction

    The SONIC2 benefits from a unique material composition. The LOTUS top sail forms a wrinkle-free airfoil and facilitates the relaunch in light winds. The DLX + bottom sail contributes to the directness of the kite and allows a reactive bar feedback. The ribs, V-belts and cells of the inner construction are designed for diagonal rigidity at highest loads to keep the SONIC2 in form. The weight reduction obtained increases stability and allows deeper downwind courses.

  • Triple Depower Technology

    There are 3 ways the kite achieves its maximum depower: Reducing the angle of attack, profile change and reducing the projected area. This leads to a huge wind range and ideal handling.

  • Sharp Mini Ribs

    Doubling the number of cells at the trailing edge increases its shape stability substantially. This means less turbulence, improved aerodynamics and thus performance.

  • Automatic Drainage System

    The proven drainage system integrated in the whole trailing edge of the kite, with finally openings near the tips, about the size of a hand. They allow water and sand to be drained automatically, without influencing the performance of the kite.

  • Rigid Foil Technologie

    These stiffeners integrated in the leading edge ensure a smooth, creaseless and stiff topsail. This results in reduced aerodynamic drag and enhanced kite stability. As a result, the kite translates every gust of wind into propulsion without deforming the canopy. Overall, the Rigid Foils increases the kite’s stiffness and makes it more dynamic.

  • Super Charger

    The Super Charger is an optional extra which uses a special redirection of the brake level of the bridle allowing it to be pulled-in more when powering up. The result is an extra boost on the downwind course and a higher glide ratio on the upwind course. The holding and steering forces increase significantly though, when powering up. Also there is an increased possibility of tangling the additional pulleys when launching and landing, as well as during (water) re-launch. The Supercharger can be modified and adjusted to your personal needs. We recommend this optional add-on specifically for competition use, to get maximum performance from your SONIC2 or SONIC-FR.

  • IKA registered

    FLYSURFER is passionate about kite-racing and has registered the SONIC2 kite officially. This allows you to attend every official IKA racing event. Even if a FLYSURFER kite construction is officially approved for kite racing in the IKA class – Formula Kite, this does NOT mean that the kite itself is automatically IKA registered. This must be registered by the rider him/herself, so that he/she is allowed to officially compete in the IKA class – Formula Kite and it’s specific events. Link to registration form:

Control bar Flysurfer Sonic2

Flysurfer Sonic 2 control bar race

Video Flysurfer Sonic 2 

KiteFinder interview during the 2016 Pringles World Cup in Fehmarn


Riding type: Freeride/Race
Year: 2017
Brand: Flysurfer
Size: 06m, 09m, 11m, 13m, 15m, 18m
Type: Foil
One pump: n.a.
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: No struts
Colours: Various
Line length: 21m
Bar length: 50cm-60cm
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: Yes
Oh shit handles: Yes

Kite review Flysurfer Sonic2

Test conditions

wind: tested from 4 to 20 knots

water: Flat water 

bar setting: fabric

boards: Tested with a Hydrofoil in light wind and Twin tip above 15 knots


This isn't only a race kite! If you're all about light wind riding or about big floaty airs. The Sonic2 is the kite for you. 
The Flysurfer Sonic2 is the real thing! Better than its predecessor and we believe better than the Speed5. This kite flies & rides amazing in 5 knots of wind with a hydrofoil and in +18 knots you can boost big airs with a twin tip.
Stable? YES! Depower? YES.Wide wide wind range? YES. Relaunchable? YES, you need the the light wind skills, the Sonic2 gives you around 7 minutes relaunch time ... so YES best foil relaunch we ever tested!


+ 4 to 20 knots of windrange
+ usable fora wide range of conditions and surroundings (water, beach & snow)
+ excellent for light wind hydrofoiling 
+ great for high wind big airs
+easy new power handling with a sheet and go power delivery

+/- We understand this is not a kite issue, more a skills issue! The Sonic2 is made so well that you easily foil in 5 knots, but it can bring you in a tight position if the kite crashes.
Beware of your light wind kite relaunch skills. You have around 7 minutes for take off.

Yes, we are thunderstruck by this kite. The power control, the stability and the wind & user -range! Love to see how Flysurfer tries to break light wind & high wind depower boundaries.

Well done Flysurfer!

Youtube Kite reviews Flysurfer Sonic2


Kite re-launch

Difficult Easy

For a foil kite a real improvement one of the best relaunch from the water

Safety system

Difficult Easy

Safety works good, after you used the safety it's hard to relaunch again from the water

Kite stability

Unstable Stable

Real stable from 4 knots of wind

Total depower

Still pressure Total depower

An amazing depower range. That gives the Sonic2 a wide wind range to perform


Limited Wide

This is one of the best characteristics. Foiling from 4 knots to big airs in +20 knots. All possible and you don't have to be a pro!



Gradual Explosive

pretty gradual, more aggressive than the Flysurfer Speed5

Glide phase

Short Long

Again great, the sonic is a real wing.


Small range Large range

With a twin tip you could ride the Sonic above 20 knots of wind. Of course the right skills are required


Small range Large range

At the moment one of the best & easiest low wind kites (see our youtube review)



Poor Good

This is not a wave kite but for foiling you have a good drift.

Feedback at edge of wind window

Minimal Great

Search for the edge of the windwindow, but doesn't oversheet!



Slow Fast

nice, turns wind power directly into riding speed

Going upwind

Hard Easy

Great, off course nowadays it also has a lot to do with the board you riding and the hydrofoils have the best upwind performances

Kiteposition in wind-window

Middle Edge

Search for the edge of the windwindow, but doesn't oversheet! Makes the windwindow real wide!

There are 2 reviews on this product:

Flysurfer Sonic2 2017 18m
Riding style:
allround, race  
Years of experience:
Personal page:
Tested Wind Conditions:
From 8 knots up to 14
Number of test sessions:
Kite size:
Most remarkable characteristics:
user friendly
PoorGreat - 13.01.2018 at 21:47 hour
This kite has a 60% increase in bridle lines
compared to a Speed2. The depower vent closes
when trailing edge is down on snow. The ultra
light bridle lines catch easily on the
smallest grass or snow surface anomaly. There
is no brake handle to assist downwind (hot) rigging,
dropping or resting the kite, to deal with rig
issues if they develop.

It may be great once it is in the air, yet
unfortunately I would suggest a high degree
of caution for self launch and land on snow. 
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Flysurfer Sonic2 2017 15m
Riding style:
Years of experience:
Personal page:
Water conditions:
Tested Wind Conditions:
From 4 knots up to 10
Number of test sessions:
Kite size:
Most remarkable characteristics:
up wind
low end
Small rangeLarge range
kite stability
kite feedback
bar pressure
user friendly
SoftStrong - 26.11.2016 at 13:25 hour
First impression Sonic2 15m in light wind conditions on a hydrofoil.
WOW, what a difference with the Flysurfer Sonic 1. Less technical & loved the new power building. More sheet and go. That makes the Sonic2 more accessible. Outside the race scene and for a wider riders public. To start your session the Sonic takes around 40 seconds to get its full shape. Pulling on the backlines will help you to shorten this time to 20 seconds. The kite reacts fast for a 15m foil one of the fastest I ever tested. The power building is different than the Sonic1 & Speed5. It's like I said before a more easy sheet and go feeling But don't get me wrong, this Flysurfer is still technical, it help you to search the light wind boundaries and there it becomes technical. Because, do you have the skills to keep the kite in the air in 5 knots, ... in the middle of the lake? Because you get enough pull to start & ride, but do you have the light wind kite skills when the gust is gone? O yes, .. and the jumps :-) I already love the floaty jumps. Can't wait to test the 15m in +12 knots. 
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01.12.2016 at 15:50 hour FLYSURFER Kiteboarding
Hi Kitefinder team, thanks a lot for this great 1st impression test & video, we love the last video shot by the way!

In regards to the video:
The Rigid Foil Technology (the unbreakable plastic rods) integrated in the leading edge are used in the SPEED5 as well as the SONIC2, in the SPEED5 they do not go so far outside to the tips, to help with even easier water-relaunching. Furthermore there is no Lotus kite cloth version of our SPEED5, but we do have the SPEED4 Lotus still in our line-u
01.12.2016 at 15:50 hour FLYSURFER Kiteboarding
line-up, the Lotus kite cloth used on the SONIC2 is used in the leading edge of the kite as well as the complete topsail of the kite, mainly for optimizing the profile and get an as smooth as possible airflow over the kite and the leading edge. Furthermore the Lotus kite cloth helps by bringing the weight of the kite down (making it fly better in super low wind, as seen in your video) and it is water- & stain repellent, making it user-friendly and improves the water-relaunch. The extra stitc
01.12.2016 at 15:51 hour FLYSURFER Kiteboarding
The extra stitching in the trailing edge of our SONIC2 are called “sharp mini ribs” and increases its shape stability substantially.
19.08.2017 at 08:23 hour Mark
Hi, what is the wind range of the sonic2 sizes for a twin tip?
Thanks kiters, Mark
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