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Review Zian Kima 2018

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Riding type: Freeride/Wave
Year: 2018
Brand: Zian
Size: 03m, 05m, 07m, 09m, 11m, 13m
Type: SLE
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Rider Profile

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Designers goals (manufacturer text)

Engineered to make wave-riding and learning as fun and effortless as possible, the Kima features state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology.  Whether you want to truly rip the surf like a surfer or you’re totally fresh to the sport, the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ makes kiting effortless!

The kite of choice for schools, this lightweight, 3-strut kite offers direct, quick and intuitive handling, along with lightning-fast auto relaunch.  Designed to feel like an extension of your body, the self-stabilizing Kimaᴵᴵᴵ features a no-stall design, user-friendly handling, smooth power development, and enormous depower.  Learning intermediate tricks and boosting come naturally with the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ.  Plus, you can even steer the kite while it’s depowered, which reduces kite crashes and shortens the time it takes to master the art of kite flying.

Designed to let you focus on riding and the surf — not on the kite — the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ promises the most epic wave-riding sessions.  Quick and responsive, this easy-to-fly kite provides the ultimate blend of crisp control, ideal placement in the wind window, and maximum down-the-line drift.  Capable of keeping you exactly where you want to be on the wave for the ultimate “park-and-surf” experience, the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ gracefully idles above while you charge the surf top to bottom.  Primed for strapless or strapped-in riding (hooked-in or unhooked), the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ is truly the King of Wave riding.

Ideal for beginners to advanced, the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ offers light bar pressure and incredible upwind performance. 

The Kimaᴵᴵᴵ provides dual setup options:
Rip-It Mode — ultra-low bar pressure, tight turns, smooth power development, more reactive on input.
Freeride Mode — low bar pressure, increased kite feedback, powerful turns, unmatched drift, extra boost and hangtime, aggressive kite loops.

Built to take a beating, the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ features nothing but the highest quality materials, inside and out. The kite feature Double Ripstop SBS101 canopy material, state-of-the-art DK160 Dacron from Challenge Sailcloth, Teulfelberger Dyneema OL2 bridle and attachment lines, and added Insignia Tape for rock-solid construction. Plus, you can expect faster pack-up with the new Dual Inflation & Deflation Valve and wingtip dump valve, while our No-Clone Design ensures optimal performance for each kite size.
A rare breed, the meticulously crafted Kimaᴵᴵᴵ promises accelerated learning and empowering wave-riding performance — a kite you can both begin with and go pro on.  World-class performance that you will never outgrow.  

RIDER PROFILE: Our most user-friendly, high-performance kite, the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ ideal for everyone from the total beginner to the intermediate rider to the advanced wave rider!

Zian Control bar

zian kite bar




Riding type: Freeride/Wave
Year: 2018
Brand: Zian
Size: 03m, 05m, 07m, 09m, 11m, 13m
Type: SLE
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 3
Colours: Various
Line length: 22m -24m
Bar length: 38-44cm 48-54cm
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: No
Oh shit handles: No

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