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Review Takoon Furia LTD 2010

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Riding type: Freeride/New School
Year: 2010
Brand: Takoon
Size: 07m, 09m, 11m, 13m
Type: SLE


Freestyle/wave SLE kite

Designers Goals

Quick direct kite which is suitable for freestyle but also wave action. Key features are it's large windrange, depwer and stability in combination with a C-Shape feel.  If you are an advanced rider this kite is absolutely worth a try! Takoon has strong links to Wipika, the company that first developed and produced tube kites for kitesurfing.



Riding type: Freeride/New School
Year: 2010
Brand: Takoon
Size: 07m, 09m, 11m, 13m
Type: SLE
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 5
Colours: Various
Line length: 22m
Bar length: 45cm
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Clamcleat
Safety: Pull
Swivel: No
Variable bar length: Yes
Oh shit handles: No

Takoon Furia 7m

Test condities

wind: 6/7 bft  25/35 knots

location: Sea, undeep water


The Takoon has charactersitcs that make it suitable for wave action; short turning circle anywhere in the wind window, enough depower, gradual power buildup and a tremendou high end. An improved low-end and a bit more stability would improve the kite even further, in p-articular the low-end, simply because in the waves you would like a kite that is as small as possible.
We tested the Furia in stormy conditions, the kite proved itself to be a predictable kite. However, on the edge of the wind-window the kite was somewhat unstable.  We have a few doubts about the durability of the materials used. In the short time we used the kite we allready saw signs of wear, but no problems during the test.
Takoon knows how to make kites, that much is sure. It shows that they took a lot of knowledge from Wipika in their development.  The choice of materials, the finish quality and the durability, we believe, can be improved.


Kite stability

Unstable Stable

Profile does not remain rigid


Limited Wide

Safety system

Difficult Easy


Kite re-launch

Difficult Easy

Total depower

Still pressure Total depower




Small range Large range

Glide phase

Short Long

The glide phase of the Furia can ben increased by powering the kite. Control remains anywhere in the window.


Small range Large range


Gradual Explosive

Lift is gradual, power the kite and you get instant lift.


Feedback at edge of wind window

Minimal Great

Stable in power, but the profile is flexible and not as rigid as one would like.

Steering with low line tension

Not so good Good

Turning circle

Large radius Small radius

Reaction to steering action

Slow Fast


Maximum speed

Difficult Easy


Slow Fast

Going upwind

Hard Easy

Kiteposition in wind-window

Middle Edge

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