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Review Best Waroo 2010

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Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2010
Brand: Best Kiteboarding
Size: 05m, 07m, 09m, 11m, 13m, 15m
Type: Delta
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The Allround/Freeride 4-line delta kite by Best

Designers Goals

The Bridles and Twister tech (built into the leading edge) make the frame of the kite more stable and give directer control. Best kites are available both with and without a one-pump system. COmapred to the 2009 Waroo the 2010 model was improved in durability, re-launch capability , more depower and a quicker reaction to control-bar input.


Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2010
Brand: Best Kiteboarding
Size: 05m, 07m, 09m, 11m, 13m, 15m
Type: Delta
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 5
Colours: Various
Line length: 23m
Bar length: 45cm-50cm-55cm
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Strap
Safety: Push
Swivel: Yes
Variable bar length: No
Oh shit handles: Yes

Best Waroo 9m

Test conditions

Wind: 4/5 bft  17/21 knots


So, is the Waroo a real allrounder? No, not if you are looking for a freeride kite which is also good for freestyle and allows you to hit the waves.  The reaction time of the Waroo is too slow to perform in the waves, and the turning circle too large. If you are, however looking for a kite with good hang-time, the Waroo might be for you. The 9M kite can be utilized as an 11M, it has a lot of power and will give a light rider quite a challenge if the wind is stronger than 18 Knots. Be aware that in overpowered conditions the depower range increases,  but this offers you some fun; Kite high in the wind-window, pull the par towards you and you will get some Big Air, straight up!
The Waroo is a durable kite and it is clear that a lot of attention was paid to the stitches and the finish.


Safety system

Difficult Easy

Little grip on the safety button


Limited Wide

A bow-kite... More wind, more barpressure and a lengthening of the depower range.

Kite re-launch

Difficult Easy

Kite stability

Unstable Stable

Total depower

Still pressure Total depower

Great, which is as expected from a bow-kite



Gradual Explosive

Gradual power build-up which leads to a long Hang-time.


Small range Large range


Small range Large range

Glide phase

Short Long


Turning circle

Large radius Small radius

Steering with low line tension

Not so good Good

Feedback at edge of wind window

Minimal Great

Reaction to steering action

Slow Fast


Kiteposition in wind-window

Middle Edge

Maximum speed

Difficult Easy


Slow Fast

Going upwind

Hard Easy

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