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Review Nobile T5 Koinobori

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Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2011
Brand: Nobile kites
Size: 05m, 07m, 09m, 10m, 12m, 14m
Type: SLE


Allround 3 strut SLE kite

Designers goals

The progress continues, once again we redesigned and improved the T5. To have it done properly, we've teamed up with aerodynamic engineers (their everyday job is to design plane wings) and together we've remade the T5 kite. The main goal was to improved the kite performance,  while simultaneously maintaining those T5 characteristics that you liked so much. The result is new, smoother profile of T5 – KOINOBORI is even more aerodynamic then the previous version. 
We’ve taken what’s the aerodynamics science has to offer and implemented it into this kite's construction. The result surpassed all our expectations so much, that we ended up upgrading it`s name. All aerodynamics-driven improvements start from the new profile. We've redesigned the leading edge area, included new, flattened Wing Tips, thinner bridles and steering lines. T5 - KOINOBORI is now much faster, and more stable at the same time, even in gusty wind conditions. Amazingly enough, the lift  and hang time have also improved greatly. Incredible low-end wind performance also allows you to use kites smaller than usual, so now you have more versatile tool for your kiteboarding passion. 
Already impressed?  Breathe slowly, because that’s still not the end ... T5-KOINOBORI also features an innovative, reinforced bridles attachment points. The kite is now equipped with double layer of Dacron where it's most exposed to risk of breaking the leading edge. Reinforced V-attach mounting system featured in the crucial point of bridle’s attach area – makes the kite stronger. Good news for Kiteloop fans – no more problems with this feature! 
If you desire an easy re-launching  kite with outstanding power range, smooth and precise handling, focused on freeride but also suitable for big air, waves and even unhooked freestyle, then the T5-KOINOBORI is a perfect choice.


• Incredible  stability
• Zero overshooting even in gusty wind conditions
• Improved lift & hang time
• Smooth and easy power stroke
• More low-end power
• Quick re-launch capabilities
• “Catch-free” valves location
• Amazing Low-End wind Power
• Fully featured kite bag


• New aerodynamic profile
• Thinner bridle lines
• Thinner steering lines
• Smooth leading edge profile
• Redesigned, flattened wing tip
• Reinforced, double Dacron bridle attachment points



Riding type: Freeride/Allround
Year: 2011
Brand: Nobile kites
Size: 05m, 07m, 09m, 10m, 12m, 14m
Type: SLE
One pump: Yes
Bridles: Yes
Number of struts: 3
Colours: Various
Line length: 22m to 25m
Bar length: 48,3 cm-53,3 cm
Bar: 4 lines
Depower: Strap
Safety: Push
Swivel: No
Variable bar length: Yes
Oh shit handles: Yes

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