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Review New Kiteboarding Alibi 2011

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Riding type: Freeride/New School
Year: 2011
Brand: Advance
Size: 08m, 09.5m, 11m, 13m
Type: C-kite


4/5 line high performance kite

Designers goals

The freedom to ride how you like.
This is the most modern high end 4
/5 line line kite available for the adventurous rider.
The super stable 6 strut design suits riders planning on mixing up their riding styles.
Whether it is Waves, Snow, Bump n Jump or Wakestyle the ALIBI will have you covered.
The ALIBI has been designed as an easy predictable kite to fly. 
The easy flight saves you energy and your endurance is the key for stylish free riding.

You won’t find the ALIBI as demanding as a bridled school kite to fly. The wing tips are wide and the kite is designed to fly true to its last command, importantly, when depowered. This is a desirable trait for experienced freeriders who know the difference. The whole range of kites have aggressive medium to strong lift and even higher lift the faster you are able to ride. The turning lines are directly connected and only require medium - light bar pressure to efficiently sheet and turn the kite.

The majority of the kite is constructed with Tejin and Dacron materials, these are the highest quality materials available for kites. The canopy and leading edge are uncomplicated in construction. Our years of RnD experience have found simple material to be much stronger than material damaged with unnecessary sewing holes.

The complete set comes with a 25m line Nuclear bar, a 2 litre metal shaft pump and a comprehensive repair kit all packed in an XXL bag. The large size bag is guaranteed to easily fit your kite and comfortably strap to your back for easy hiking down to remote beaches. The ALIBI is your first class ticket to freeriding.

Features include

  • ESP supporting wing tip profiles.
  • Strong wind rated Neutralizer 5 line safety system
  • 6 small diameter struts and 2 short battens
  • XXL bag for super easy packing and shoulder straps for hiking
  • Complete with 25m lines on the Nuclear bar
  • Coming in Blue/Grey, Blue/Yellow, Black/Red and Green/Black
  • Flys with only 4 lines too, no need for complex bridles


Riding type: Freeride/New School
Year: 2011
Brand: Advance
Size: 08m, 09.5m, 11m, 13m
Type: C-kite
One pump: Yes
Bridles: No
Number of struts: 6
Colours: Various
Line length: 23m
Bar length: 45cm-55cm
Bar: 4 and 5 lines
Depower: Strap
Safety: Push
Swivel: n.a.
Variable bar length: No
Oh shit handles: Yes

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