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North Neo 9m vs North Evo 9m

North Kiteboarding has, like most other brands, multiple kiteseries ready for 2014. Most kites are catering specifically to a certain riding style like freestyle or race. But the all-rounder kites are always harder to define. So we had a look at the form and function of the new North Evo and Neo offerings for 2014. We tested them in different conditions and found the most important characteristics that define these new all-round kites.

North Evo 9m

The North Evo's shape has a higher aspect ratio than the Neo's. It's more like a wide & narrow wing with a thinner leading edge. It has 5 struts (the Neo has 3) and a 6-point bridle system which connects more to the center of the leading edge. The Evo generates a broad wind window and builds up its power strongly while generating flying speed.

Flying Characteristics EVO


- light steering
- full de-power
- explosive lift
- broad wind window
- up wind
- gliding phase lighter riders

- stability in gusty winds
- low-end
- less relaunch in light wind

North Neo  9m 

The North Neo is a freeride/wave kite. The Neo is more compact compared to the Evo with a rigid 3 strut frame. The Neo's canopy has more panels that make it even more compact and rigid than the Evo. This rigid form with deeper placement in the wind window is what defines the new Neo.  It is what gives it more power and rigid feedback on the edge of the wind window. The Neo is more direct and powerful than the 2013 Neo and the 2014 Evo. The new Neo is compared to the new Evo more powerful but it generates a more gradual power than the 2014 Evo, which has an explosive power build-up while getting up to speed.

- low-end
- relaunch in light wind
- stable and good feedback edge of the wind window

- always bar feedback
- small turning circle with continuous feedback & power
- sheet & go
- great steering under lack of steering line tension
- gliding phase heavier riders 

- powerful and no full de-power in its high end (consideration for starters)
- lot of grunt so its harder to go upwind compared to the Evo


This year's Neo has been upgraded to be a more compact and powerful sheet & go kite. It has good surf characteristics, specialy in it's low-end. The Evo is a performance wing that likes the high end spectrum of the wind. It will generate a lot of lift and float with more wind.

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