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How to find your best light wind kite?

How do you choose your best light wind kite?
As most experienced riders know it depends from lots of different factors. For example; homespot conditions, your level, quiver and riding style.
If we translate this into kite characteristics, you'll have to find out which are your 5 most important LW kite characteristics. Check out how:

Step 1.   Make a storyboard

Make a short story how and when you want to use your lightwind quiver.

For example:
I live at a big lake with good thermal winds. My light wind kite has to be playful from 8 knots (14km/h) and needs to have a good low end, Lift but mostly a good glide. I'm 92 kg and like strapless light wind riding. I like a kite with a good low-end, but especially in +12 knots.

Step 2.   Pick out the keywords

Picking out keywords will help you to find the right kite characteristics.
Sometimes the characteristics are already in the storyboard. Sometimes you'll have to translate them into kite characteristics. My storyboard is somewhat easy. As an example, I already underlined the keywords

My keywords are:
Playful (fast steering, short turning),  +12 knots (high-end),  Glide,  Lift,  Low-end,  Strapless (riding strapless so I don't want to much downloop boost)

The perfect kite would be a combination of these different characteristics, but we all know that's not always easy to find.
Rank your characteristics. The first 3 are the most important characteristics which have to be great in your new kite.

  1. fast steering
  2. wide windrange (good low-end and high end)
  3. glide
  4. less boost
  5. lift

 * As your kite experience will grow, your list of important characteristics will be longer to define your perfect kite.

Step 3.   Test

Now you know what you are looking for, go out and feel. Gather information. Ask your friends at the beach or walk into a local shop for a test kite.

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We hope you find this information useful. Enjoy kitesurfing with your personal best equipment.
Thanks & Good luck!

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