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10 points we discovered about LW Foil kites?

Gathering up your best Kitesurfing kit is a process of many years. At the end you want to ride as much as possible. If so, you really need to think about a light wind Foil kite as the biggest kite in your kite quiver. We tested hundreds of kites, foils and tubes. They all different, but going from a tube to a foil kite is a big leap for most riders. Well, we won't push you, make your own choice. Feel & test it actually serves to assemble the most complete kite surfing quiver.

What we discovered

  1. If you like to ride under 8 knots, nothing works better than an 18m foil kite with a big board (example 150x45 twin tip)
  2. Adapt your technique and you will, slide, jump & glide between 5 and 8 knots
  3. The 18m foils are like wings with a great glide!
  4. The multiple functions, land, snow and water, works!
  5. Water relaunch your kite as fast as you can
  6. Foils are effective kites, maybe a bit slower turning than the most 18m tubes, but these 18m kites are all about early planning without steering
  7. Yes the foils have good depower, but the high-end range is smaller than most LW tube kites we tested
  8. First Foil? The Flysurfer Speed4 18m is easier to ride than the Ozone Chrono 18m
  9. The Flysurfer is the all-round and most stable Foil we tested
  10. The Ozone Chrono 18m is a foil for advanced foil riders with great race characteristics like upwind & acceleration

Don’t hesitate to give notes, suggestions or make your own review. Help us and others collecting knowledge about kitesurfing equipment.

Other 2014 LW kite models we tested:
Blade Fat Lady
  Ocean Rodeo Flite 17m Core Riot XR3 17m  Cabrinha Contra 17m

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