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Proven & promising

I like to be practical, I believe in usability and I like to help. Presenting you some well tuned products that have proven to be awesome toys! Products that make you a better kitesurfer or give you that 'Can't wait, I have to go, feeling.

Well check out the Liquid Force Solo. A innovate single strut design. The Solo came out in the beginning of this season and will run further in 2015. Here is a great Tech Talk about the Solo. If you like to view a review? Realwatersport made a great clip review about this single strut allrounder.

Another 2014 surprise was the new Ozone Chrono. Ozone Chrono
An all terrain kite we tested head to head with the Flysurfer Speed 4. The Chrone is a high performance foil with a wide usability range. Great for light wind kitesurfing or snowkite gliding, but also a proven price winning race kite.

Proven, out there. That's where you find KiteFinder. Between waves and mountains, on and offline. The real kiteworld on a digital platform and you can help by sharing your product experiences. Don't know how? Follow these steps, it will help you to find your personal best kite or writing a short review.

In the meantime I will pick out some 2015 pearls for you. Like this versatile airliner, maybe a more aggressive evolution or do you like the softer Hawaiian touch? It's all up to you, know what you are looking for and test! It will help you to assemble the best possible kitesurfing quiver.

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