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For gamers who love to play outside

Sometimes I like to play virtual games, but mostly I like to play with the elements! Use my senses!
I want to feel the wind, get tired and smudge the salt, sand or snow out of my eyes. I like to see the world as a playground. Give me the tools and I will learn by doing. Develop skills, gain knowledge and show my friends a new and improved me. Recognize this?
Well there is a new app, the antixapp. Now its possible to be a virtual kitesurfer and gain points by recording your skills.
Go out with your Gopro and play around. Compete with your friends and learn.

I can’t wait that the first 1.000 points will be rewarded with a free beer in my local surf club or to see a big smile from the first hero who hits the 10.000 and earns a well deserved sponsorship.
The app is pretty basic, but we all impove and this is a great start! I believe the future looks bright for kitesurfers and other outdoor gamers who love to play outside!

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