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Top 10 kitesurfing brands & series of 2014

What were in 2014 the most popular brands and series on What did you, visitors on kitefinder, view the most? Here a 2014 list of the top 10 kitesurfing brands and its most popular kite series.

  1. Brand: North kiteboarding - Serie: Rebel 2014 - made for: all-round

  2. Brand: Naish Kiteboarding - Serie: Park 2014 made for: all-round

  3. Brand: Cabrinha Kiteboarding - Serie: Drifter 2014 made for: wave

  4. Brand: Slingshot kiteboarding - Serie: RPM 2012 made for: freestyle

  5. Brand: Best Kiteboarding - Serie: TS 2014 made for: all-round

  6. Brand: Ozone kiteboarding - Serie: Chrono 2015 made for: Lightwind/speed/snowkite

  7. Brand: F-one kiteboarding - Serie: Bandit7 2014 made for: all-round

  8. Brand: Airush kiteboarding - Serie: DNA 2014 made for: beginners

  9. Brand: Liqiud Force kiteboarding - Serie: Envy 2012 made for: all-round

  10. Brand: Core Kiteboarding - Serie: GTS3 2015 made for: Freestyle/wave

 If you like to see an extra list, just ask below and we'll dive into the kite data brainwave we all create.

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