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Top 5 snowkite tips

Flat land with a bit of snow is pretty similar as Kitesurfing. Copy & Past. The High mountains are a totally different ballgame. A whole new kite playground is waiting for you. It took me some time to understand. Yes, I saw the movies and I always had a big question mark above my head! "How do I put myself in that same position?" After 10.000 miles and many years wiser. Here my Top 5 snowkite tips.

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Top 5 snowkite tips

  1. No wind? Go higher!
    The wind gradient is your big friend in the mountains. The higher you go the more wind you will find

  2. You need vision for the best sessions
    Watch the forecast. Go for the brighter days

  3. Wind float like water through the mountains
    Read the terrain. Wind is like water that floats through the mountains. Read the mountains and you will find a little spot with thermical winds

  4. Adjust your equipment for your use
    Play, glide our touring? Know your gear, use the right equipment. Here's a great article from Mackiteboarding about tubes, open or closed cell foils

  5. Adjust your equipment to your surroundings
    Mountains are a different ballgame than water. You need a different set of equipment like GPS, skins or snow shoes. Be prepaired, because walking back in hip high snow is not an easy task. Check out this article from the kiteboarder

Hope you find this article useful.
If you're looking for kites just click on snowkites and see all the info. We appreciate if you share your equipment knowledge with a short review.

Thanks & Enjoy


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