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Slomo Trick movies

"Ride with power"  – the entree to explosive tricks

How to perform the power tricks Railey, S-Bend & Blind Judge made by Nanette van de Snoek.
Nanette travels around the world as a Kitesurf coach for Jo Wilson coaching
Watch and learn!

How to pop in a few steps

  1. Ride along with a good speed, making a big spray with the back edge of the board.
  2. Build up to the right power so you can have your kite stable at 10.30 / 11 O'clock
  3. Bare off downwind slightly by standing up, keep tension on the lines.
  4. Sit back and edge hard by carving upwind.
  5. Pop and release out of the water, leaving a big spray.

Your first loaded unhooked tricks opens the door to a huge array of other freestyle tricks.

How to:     Railey

Attention moments

  1. good speed, hands close together, kite around 10.30
  2. heels up to the sky, head in between the arms, arched back
  3. spot your landing, flex abs to turn the board back under your body

You need a good board pop for a powerful railey
Now your best foot forwards to get the best pop & landings

How to:     S-Bend

Attention moments
Same rotation as a front roll, however instead of tucking up and doing the front rotation, you stretch out and spin around your own axis like a screw.

  1. start with good speed, kite around 10.30 and hands close together
  2. go for good pop and initiate a raley
  3. look under the back armpit to initiate rotation
  4. swing upper body and core around
  5. spot landing to stop rotation and get back upright

Straight body is easier to rotate than a bend body
Lower your kite and bend your body to stop rotating.

How to:      Blind Judge

This is one of the first loaded airpasses to start with

Attention moments

  1. medium speed, kite at 10.30, hands close together
  2. go downwind, carve hard & pop
  3. throw a nice, open railey
  4. push the front foot further back, create momentum by swinging it forward
  5. look over back shoulder, pull bar towards front hip
  6. pass bar from front to back hand
  7. spot landing, set down toeside, stabilize

The longer you wait to let go of the bar, the more change the pass succeeds.

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