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"It has to feel right"

Ruben Versluis started the first Kite & SUP school in Zanzibar with his brother. Since 2004 kite instructor and the last few years product researcher at Brunotti boards. His passion? Strapless riding and BMX (flatland). A real gear freak in motion.
His quest? "It has to feel right" Surrounding, Skills & Equipment are complementary.
Enjoy your search!

Rubens blog post about 7 'basic' gear tips to make strapless riding easier

  1. 7 gear tips for strapless kite surfingGo for board stability. Start with a board thats wider than 19" and 5'2 - 6'0 length for example:
    Brunotti Brutus

  2. Tropical base coat from sexwax is the best total wax.

  3. Wax your board thorough or use pads for grip & absorption

  4. Light weight riders can ride with smaller vins, heavy riders lengthen your vins

  5. Longer lines  (23/24m) with less wind keeps your kite small and responsive. More wind, smaller lines (19/20m)

  6. Best wave characteristics? Search for drift, feedback & good kite steering with slacked lines

  7. Bar pressure is your balance so don't start with a small kite

Some other strapless video's you like to watch:

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