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Posted by Stefarius

Cabrinha FX vs Cabrinha Switchblade 2015.

Head to head 10 points KF test battle.
The old dominator vs the crazy new rookie.

Lady’s and gentlemen, let’s start an air fight!

  1. The Switchblade is made for one all-round public. The FX is made for unhooked freestyle and big air performance. The designers achieved to make 2 riding styles in one kite.
    First point for FX

  2. On all freestyle characteristics the FX excels
    No points! Fx is made for freestyle

  3. Beginners and intermediate cruisers will love the softness, trustfulness of the Switchbade. Big audience!
    First point Switchblade

  4. The Switchblade had many years of fine-tuning, is a stable character, feels the same in all wind conditions
    Point switchblade

  5. The gradual power of the Switchblade vs the more explosive power of the FX
    You decide how you like to ride, no points

  6. The big surprise was the gliding phase. Switchblade was the winner in the low & mid -end wind range, but in the high end the FX had the longest hang time of both kites.
    Point Switchblade for the allround capacity. Point FX for the highest jump performance

  7. On most wave characteristics the FX wins from the Switchblade, next to big air and freestyle a extra FX all-round capacity point
    FX point

  8. The Switchblade is easy to love, the FX is a playful performer with many sessions to explore
    Riding style doesn’t count for points, you decide!

  9. High popularity rate FX
    Point Switchblade, don't follow the mass, follow your kitefeel

  10. Easy going? Think about the Switchblade. Playful exploration? Choose the FX

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