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Posted by Stefarius

Equipment tip for kite kids

The new Flysurfer Peak2 is a great new product for kids to learn and better their kite skills

Flyboarding on Schiermonnikoog with the Flysurfer Peak2 6m

The Flysurfer Peak 2 is a single skin depower land kite, a new toy for children to learn kite flying and be mobile.
What makes this kite so different than other land kites?

  1.     single skin, so very light
  2.     usable in a light breeze
  3.     easy solo start & landing
  4.     power & speed can be easilly controlled with its great sheet & go power
  5.     lack of lift makes this kite safer to control
  6.     same 4 line power & depower kitefeel as kitesurfing kites

Here are a few video examples why this kite is so great for kids!
The stability, kite feel and depower make it a great 'light wind' playing tool for kids

More info, reviews and price overview about the Flysurfer Peak2


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