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Posted by Stefarius

Food for thoughts.

Surfboard performance.

Scrolling through kiteforum I stumbled on a interesting surf board topic

I am a heavy guy (91 kg without head), riding strapless and always has the problem to keep speed in my average bottom turns.
My first thoughts, practice more, be more skilled. Still, after some a few "realy into it" kite sessions I keep having this same problem. So I changed board and it became worse, changed again and suddenly better myself. Practical as I am, this would be my board. No understanding, just feel and the YEAHH sensation does the rest.

Many years later, a bit wiser and lots of "Yeahhh" feelings richer, I stumble on a kiteforum topic with this video. 
realized again how gear can accelerate your performance and it always should be food for thoughts. 

understand your riding,

understand your playingfield

adjust your gear



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